About Elevations

ELEVATIONS ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS S.P.C is an architectural and engineering consultancy firm in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Certified by the CRPEP, Bahrain, we are a fast-growing studio offering diverse services in the design and consultancy sector.

Since inception in the year 2014, we have gained and exhibited extensive experience in designing and supervising a broad spectrum of projects on various scales, types and complexity. These include projects that are residential, commercial, multi-use, industrial, institutional, hospitality and recreational in use.

We are adept at offering design solutions (pertaining to statutory Bahraini legislations), obtaining approvals through continuous liaison and discussions with government authorities, and supervising onsite work from the start till completion and handover.

Our designs are focused on achieving seamless functionality and practicality, accentuated by aesthetically pleasing spatial treatments. We work with many different design ideologies and styles, ranging from simple minimalistic interiors and exteriors to spaces with more complex and ornate details, contemporary as well as classical vernacular styles.

We strive for proficiency and efficiency through our designs with an aim to deliver quality solutions and client satisfaction.